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The ultimate is security why pay a security guard?
What does the IV computer system do?

The IV system takes and stores a digital photo of your customer's driver license (or other ID) and face all on the same photograph. It also superimposes the data encoded on a driver license magnetic stripe or bar code onto the photograph. A second photo with a close up of just the customer's face is taken and stored, too. Additionally, all the data scanned from the driver license is stored in a simple database you can open and manipulate with the spreadsheet or database application of your choice.

Let LEGAL AGE clear your counters with the help of Verifones' Omni-3740. The 3740 allows up to 13 different programs to be combined into one easy to use machine. You now only need one machine to run LEGAL AGE, Credit Cards, ATM Cards, Loyalty Card Programs, Phone Cards, Gas Cards, Electronic Benefits, and many other Point Of Sale Programs.

Know Your Clerks Are Checking ID's
You use a Register to make sure they are keeping track of money correctly, now use LEGAL AGE to be sure they are carding properly. With easy to use end of day reports you simply select the report from the menu and a report of which clerk sold what to who is printed.

Legal Age 4 Features
*Clerk Shift Reports *Batch Reports *Liquor Check
*Separate Clerk Reports *Bar Time *Head Count
*Tobacco Check *Mailing List (Only Where Permitted) *Displays Name and Age On Screen
*Not necessary in all states
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